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When we have mentioned even in previous times that becoming a model nowadays it is much easier but also difficult in the meantime. This happens because years and years ago, there were not so many fashion houses or modeling agencies that every aspiring model would find it difficult to enter the fashion world. That’s because only a certain number of models would join, being said is a huge competition and with a few new models that would be selected.

That’s a good and a bad thing because once you become a model at that time for sure you would become successful and achieving all those things you have dreamed of. But on the other part, the chances of joining would be a few. Nowadays it is much easier to join the modeling world because the number of fashion houses per fashion capitals which is increased furiously in the latest years gives you that space and a hundred chances, possibilities, and opportunities for you to join in.

This selection is done even by not being present and meeting the owners of fashion houses and designers. This comes thanks to technology, you can select your best photos and measurements and immediately contact them while waiting for further information. Except for watching tutorials in social networks or even on Tv, a huge space of inspiration comes through the books. Books about modeling are such a great way to study modeling and it’s specifics. Down below there is a list of modeling books for all the young models aspiring to become supermodels. Let’s hope that you will be determined and focused while reading carefully every step from these amazing influencers of the world of fashion.

‘The Models as Muse: Embody Fashion’ – written by Harold Koda in 2009
‘How To Become A Successful Model’ – written by Aaron Marcus
‘Models of Influence’ – written by Nigel Barker referring to modeling in the 1940s.
‘Study of Pose: 1.000 Poses’ – written by Coco Rocha
‘The Kate Moss Book’ – written by Kate Moss (in collaboration with Jess Hallet, Fabien Baron, and Jefferson Hack)
‘Becoming’ – written by Cindy Crawford released in 2016 for her birthday (turning 50)

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