How Plastic Surgery Can Ruin Or Fix Your Career

First, it caused a lot of discussions just because of the fact that while years were progressing people started to look younger than their real age comparing with other people of the same age. It was more a test of faith than fear. Fear came after these surgeries were done. Since was a new field in the field of surgeries and people started to make questions on what will happen after surgeries or after some years, but while years passed the technology moved further that didn’t allow such things like fear and insecurity to the clients.

People started to feel comfortable and enjoyed what they did until those appliances were done even in the modeling industry. Some of the fashion houses or designers allowed it in the beginning because they embraced it as a way just because of the fact that the more applicants were in their team selection the prettier they were getting until some side effects started to appear and they didn’t allow such interventions.

If a model that had a plastic surgery caused by birth and has a complication in his/her body is for sure normal to take a step and make a plastic surgery just to feel better and to fix that complication.
If a model which has a nice appearance and wants to make it as fascinating as possible, there are chances that she might be immediately disqualified from the selection.
If u joined the modeling agency and you are already part of that team and you are wondering about making a plastic surgery it depends on the fashion house but most of them, you will be fired if you don’t discuss it with them.
There are other fashion houses that allow such a thing but with small interventions.

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