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The common complaint of house owners is they lack space. There is easy ways of adding storage space and it is easily done by installing wall shelves. These are simple furniture pieces that are good to support light weights. This can be rightly done as a DIY Home Decor.

The important part is the flat board that supports. If you wish to store compact disks, a six inch self is appropriate. However a nine to twelve inch flat board is required to store books. In case you are planning to put your clothes, twelve inches may fit the requirement. Regardless of the shelf you wish to use, the width dictates the items it is to hold.

Buying readymade shelves is also an option. It may be in particle board with wood veneer or laminate, these are pre-finished and you just have to install them. Such shelves do not need painting and you can readily choose a standard unit.

Many people may like building a shelf as a DIY Home Decor, instead of buying one from a shop. This can be done by buying boards form a timber yard and you can also have them cut for you or cut them by yourself to the desired length. However, constructing shelves includes work and there are three types of shelves.

Adjustable: This is the most common types of shelf made of metal tracks. It can be screwed directly into the wall.
Bracket: The brackets here are screwed on the wall and the shelf is on the brackets.
Floating: These are attached to the wall using fixings.

You can reorganize your home or office with wall shelves and store different items such as books, files or cds. You can try a DIY Home Decor and install a shelf to make the right and best use of an area

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