Creative Craft Ideas For Gifts

Entering the end of the year, we are reaching holiday. End of year is identic with togetherness. This is the right time to gather with family and friends, since we are always busy during the year. Besides the end of year, even along the year you must have something to be celebrated: your parent’s birthday, your anniversary, the marriage of your sister. To make the occasion more special, you can give them some presents, made by you! Start to think so? Hurry, think about creative craft ideas for gifts for your beloved one!

As you come to celebrate something with someone you know, you must have memories with them. It will be so memorable to give a scrapbook for birthday and anniversary gift about what you have been through together. Or when you haven’t meet your friend for a long time, make a scrapbook of your memories in high school. Scrapbook is not useful but it brings back memories and people will treasure scrapbook.

If pictures and texts are not enough, you can go with video. It is possible for you to not spend any expense to make video yet the one you give this video will feel appreciated. Mention their name in your video and send your congratulation message. If you know their favorite musician or movie, you can sing the song—or lipsync if you are not sure about your voice—and re-enact a scene of their favorite movies. In D-day, wrap them in a gift box. Since you make the video by yourself, make a crafted box by yourself too. Use your creativity to design a box as the ‘hint’ related to the video. Creativity plus craft equals moved feeling of your beloved one.

These are creative craft ideas for gifts you might not think about, right?

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