Craft Ideas For Kids

Kids, regardless from where they come from, love to explore something new. Rather than just teaching your children mathematic, it will be generous to ask them to make some crafts. You can have a quality time with your children and enhance their creativity. Do not think too complicated and impossible about craft ideas for kids, but get a simple one. Below is written some creative crafts ideas: so simple even a five years old kid will be able to do it.


Paper craft

There is nothing more than toy to captivate the heart of kids. Therefore, toys will be the best craft ideas for kids. Origami is craft with the simplest material: paper. You can use any paper, not obligatory to buy origami paper. There are a lot of paper folding art’s tutorial in youtube if you are not sure which origami you should make. Simplest paper craft you can make is by printing some pictures and cut the paper. After they make the toys, ask them to play together.


Pencil case
When children go to school for the first time, they are so excited about their school stuffs. They will treasure their coloring pen more than everything else. Get them a pencil case with used can. Cover the can with wrapped paper or ice cream stick. Decorate it with ribbon to make it prettier.


Flower vase
Cut used bottle—clean it first—into half size. Paint the surface, or glue some pictures as the decoration. After you make the vase, together with them grow any plants inside as flower. It is not only ask for their creativity but also their care for environment by doing some gardening.
It doesn’t require a lot of time, so after you get home, spare times with your children with useful and fun activities.

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