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Who say that cool craft ideas can only be generated from cool stuffs? Things you considered as waste can also be a great material for your craft. So cool, until people will not believe that the ideas come from your mind.

At first, think about what thing amaze you the most, or maybe, what thing do you like the most? Dinosaurus? Racing car? Guitar? Okay, lock the thing in your mind. The next step are collecting newspaper as much as possible. Used magazines are also okay. The more the better, because how cool your craft depends on how much newspaper you are able to collect. Find some scissors and glue in your house. All kind of glue is okay since basically you will only stick the paper.

Have you get the materials? Good. Open your browser and find a picture of the thing. Now you get all of the things needed for the cool craft ideas. Yes, right. You will make the statue of your favorite thing from newspaper. As mentioned, the more newspaper the better. You can build a big one with many newspapers.

For the first step, you should cut the newspaper into a lot of pieces with the specific size. Either it is A5, A4, or only 5cm x 5 cm. The size doesn’t really matter. Roll the pieces into rolls look like pencil. This might be the most tiring process. If you are not sure about its strength, put cotton bud or any branches inside the rolls.

Get enough rolls? Now build your statue. Design it according to the picture you find and just start to glue them one by one until it formed.

It needs a long time but when you finish, you can expect your friends to praise it as the coolest craft ever.

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