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Having some leisure times because you have nothing to do? Rather than rolling on your bed doing nothing, try to do some useful activities. Do not think too far about your future, think about what is useful for your current situation. Look around your house, what can you do? Having a space outside your house, try gardening. Having untouched kitchen, bake a cake. Having too much stuff? Create something by available sources. It should not always from new or pretty stuffs, arts and crafts ideas can be created from used stuffs. For example, boxes.

When you buy TV and PC, you will get boxes. Sometimes you don’t throw them away just because you think that you will use them in the future, but it ended up unused in your house. Rather than take it as waste, build your arts and crafts ideas from boxes! Here are some examples:


Phone and tablet’s stand
What is the most used electronic devices nowadays? For sure it is phone—along with tablet. At night, it is not great to put the phone in your bed yet you want to reach them easily when you wake up. Design your own stand with boxes.

Action figure

If you can’t draw, print the picture and stick it on the box. After you cut it, it will be a creative decoration for your room.

Decorative lamp
Do you have a casual desk lamp? Make it more fabulous by boxes.

Christmas tree
Christmas is coming! Hence, you can realize artistic arts and crafts ideas by making a Christmas tree from boxes. Find the pattern in internet if you have no idea how to do it.

If you are able to make it pretty, you can also gain some allowance by selling it. Spending time, earning money. What is better?

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