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Everybody wants money, but not everyone wants to bother themselves by thinking how to get. If you have not much time, have no fixed salary as back up of your mortgages, have no skill and degree to apply in a company, you can be an entrepreneur by using your creativity of Art and craft ideas. Making craft is actually not as hard as what you think, yet it can bring you cash inflow.

You don’t need to sell a real brand new idea when you can’t think of it. You can make some Art and craft ideas from internet and make it different with your touch.

One of the example is thermometer. In the market, you can find some simple thermometers with just a red tube and printed number to indicate the temperature. Create unique background from boxes, plastic, wood, or even dolls. Put the thermometers you buy in the background. Even if you are not really creative and have time to make the base, you can also find it. Another thing besides thermometer you can use is clock. There are also clock machine in the market. You can basically do every kind of crafts and put thermometer and clock to make it artistic.

Art and craft ideas you can also think about is replica of something. For example, replica of famous building as white house, Eiffel Tower, and Colosseum. To create replica, you can use everything. The more you use unexpected materials to make it, the higher appreciation you will get for its rareness and creativity.
Maybe the simplest idea to generate money with craft is making a scrapbook. It is easy by idea but it is not easy to create a pretty one. Nowadays scrapbook becomes more popular as a gift for someone special. This is your opportunity.

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