Are Travel Expenses Included On Your Payment As a Model?

Always happens to receive questions like When models travel, who pays the expenses? Does the model pay them? Does the agency pay them? Do they split the payment both? Etc.

Well for all of these questions have different answers, which means that not every agency that a model has signed has the same way of covering expenses. So all it depends on the agencies. Here are some of the main factors relating to model expenses:

  • When a model is traveling to a new agency
  • Is this a brand new model or is she fully booked?
  • If the model is traveling to a new project or job

Direct Booking: Direk book is a type of booking in which the client invites you for a job that got both of your agreement and he takes the responsibility to pay all the expenses including flight and other accommodations. This happens almost all of the time but there are some cases which are called rare cases in which the client pays a considerable amount of money for the model and the client asks the model whether if he wants to pay her expenses or wants her to pay by herself. Of course, these remain rare occasions and mother agencies can’t do anything about it.

Agency Expenses: Since we mentioned earlier on whether agencies or models pay for their expenses then here are some types of how it goes:

In the top fashion capitals which are included Paris, New York, London, Milan etc, when a model is traveling for another agency under the contract then agency, not all the times can pay your expenses for accommodation. This happens because models are getting paid higher than other models comparing with other markets.

In the Asian market which features Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong etc, which are the fashion capitals of the Asian market the agencies for the same thing for a model which is going for a job under contract, they always pay for the model’s accommodation and that’s why Asian market has the most applications for models and also models are the happiest models in the fashion industry.

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